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The CHAYIL Glory Movement is a global movement with the cause, Global Revival to Stop Global Disaster. We are a Christian group of believers that will pray, share, train, and help believers to be awakened to their potential to play a vital role in the salvation of our world.

The world is in crisis and in desperate need of salvation. In the CHAYIL Glory Movement ordinary people will be trained, activated and mobilized to transform lives and communities infusing the love, hope and Glory of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The love, hope and Glory of Jesus Christ will topple evil movements of violence, corruption, perversion, occultism, poverty, and deception plaguing communities in our nations.

You were born for such a time as this. Every believer can make a difference.



“The whole earth is full of His Glory” (Is. 6:3)

“To INFUSE the CHAYIL Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in every heart, home, community and nation.”

With the state of the world we have identified five ISSUES to pray for:
1. Global Revival to stop Global Disaster
2. Value and Protection of Human Life
3. Tolerance for Christian Beliefs and Values
4. Flourishing children, youth, and families
5. Freedom from fear and hopelessness

We believe that Jesus is the Savior of the World.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God that defines our faith, conduct, and doctrine.

CHAYIL (Khah’-yil) is a Hebrew word with many meanings are found in 243 references in the Bible. CHAYIL means God-fearing, wise, powerful, honorable, favor, wealthy, influential, strong, armies, valiant, excellent, mighty, trained, creative, artistic, strategic, victorious, courageous. Jesus described His Glory in times of revival with the CHAYIL words power and great, “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great (CHAYIL) glory.” Luke 21:27. God throughout the ages triggers revival with His love, mercy, and salvation to heal our world. Great servants like Abraham, Moses, David, Esther, the disciples of Jesus were empowered with CHAYIL Glory to display God’s saving, healing, and delivering power on earth.  CHAYIL Glory is the manifested power and glory of the LORD Jesus Christ in and through His servants.




Dr. Pat FrancisVisionary
Dr. Stowell TheodoreStrategic Liaison
Avril RileyMedia and Technology
Carrol CampbellHuman Resources
Keisha JohnsonCommunications
Adrian CampbellInformation Technology

 Infusion of GLORY in Nations