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Compassion Lives

Good Samaritans: a world of indifference & apathy.

Living the Honorable Life

Living an Honorable Life: one of obedience to God.

  • Be Wise

Be Wise

Fortify The Children to Preserve Their Future.

  • Elite Intercession

Elite Intercession

A solutionist approach to standing in the gap.

When You Give To God

Your generosity will not bankrupt you.

How to Stop World Hunger

Combine the practical with the spiritual.

Give Thanks

In all things at all times.

Fake News

What should you do about it?

Rule Your World

Activate the power of God in you to create and rule your world.

Who Do You Pray To?

There’s a battle for our minds and the most vulnerable are our children.

Empowered to Thrive

Jesus the antidote against all threats to our destiny.

  • Back to School

Back to School, Back to Basics

Let who you are in Christ guide your thoughts and actions.

Expect Your Amazing Things

How 30 days of prayer and fasting resulted in powerful testimonies and a prophetic Word from God.

The Prayer Lifeline

God hears and answers prayers; calling on God is not a gamble.

Enforcing God’s Will on Earth

Why God’s will is at the core of the 30-Day CHAYIL Glory Prayer Challenge.

Continue to Press In

Join the CHAYIL Glory 30-Day Prayer Challenge To Stop Global Disaster.

There Is Hope!

Join the CHAYIL Glory 30-Day Prayer Challenge To Stop Global Disaster.

Touching Heaven, Changing Earth

Preparing for the CHAYIL Glory 30-day Prayer Challenge