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Who Do You Pray To?

There’s a battle for our minds and the most vulnerable are our children.

Empowered to Thrive

Jesus the antidote against all threats to our destiny.

  • Back to School

Back to School, Back to Basics

Let who you are in Christ guide your thoughts and actions.

Expect Your Amazing Things

How 30 days of prayer and fasting resulted in powerful testimonies and a prophetic Word from God.

The Prayer Lifeline

God hears and answers prayers; calling on God is not a gamble.

Enforcing God’s Will on Earth

Why God’s will is at the core of the 30-Day CHAYIL Glory Prayer Challenge.

Continue to Press In

Join the CHAYIL Glory 30-Day Prayer Challenge To Stop Global Disaster.

There Is Hope!

Join the CHAYIL Glory 30-Day Prayer Challenge To Stop Global Disaster.

Touching Heaven, Changing Earth

Preparing for the CHAYIL Glory 30-day Prayer Challenge

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The Banner of Love

Make God real and start a love revolution.

How Not to Be a Runaway Bride

Turning in your running shoes for Jesus.

Your New Home

Prepared and decorated by your groom!

Say Yes to the Robe

It’s made of fine linen and fits you perfectly!

The Royal Wedding

How to prepare to be the bride of Christ. The first of a four-part wedding series.

  • The Power Within You

The Power Within You

How to have power and never experience a power cut!

  • No More Barrenness

No More Barrenness

4 Steps to Engaging the Great I AM for Your Miracle

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

God’s will is for you to prosper; not to harm you.

  • 8 Attributes of Wisdom

8 Attributes of Wisdom

Your Motivations and Attitude Reveal How Wise You Are.