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Priority of Priorities

The eternal value to being salt and light.

Today is a good day!

How to prevent bad moments from stealing your joy.

  • 4 Steps to Spiritual Fitness

4 Steps to Spiritual Fitness

How to train your mind, spirit and body to achieve spiritual fitness in Christ by making a quality decision, daily practice and consuming the right food.

An Open Invitation for Citizenship!

This residency comes with unmatched comprehensive benefits.

Facing a crossroad? 5 steps to finding the right path.

How to be confident about your choices

A Father’s Love

When we know we have father’s approval and backing, we feel almost indomitable.

  • The Power Within You

The Power Within You

How to have power and never experience a power cut!

  • The Realities of Being An Adult

The Realities of Being An Adult

Beyond the age factor, taking responsibility and making wise decisions are some of the more sobering realities of being an adult.

Rule Your World Daily

Activate the power of God in you to create and rule your world.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Jesus defined mothering and family as relationships that are based not on genes and DNA, but on the Christian mindset of obedience and service to God.

Can you be righteous?

The impossible ideal of perfection made possible by the right posture of heart.

How to respond to persecution?

Make sure you have the right instructions.

Easter: A Tradition Worth Celebrating

The celebration of Easter is a tradition worth keeping, especially since it could mean the difference between life and death for eternity.

The Emptiness of Easter

The celebration of Easter is the foundation of the Christian faith and it was enabled by a series of emptiness that allows us to walk victoriously in the surety of God’s promises.

Struggling With Identity?

Try this mental shift.

The Gift of Holiness

You are royalty—distinct and set apart

Why do bad things happen to good people?

An Age-old question asked every day

Coping When a Loved One Dies

Shift to the spiritual and choose life over death.