It’s Harvest Time

Kick-start the season with a 21-Day Daniel Fast.

Good farmers pride themselves on knowing their seasons—when to sow and when to reap. Each season, planting or harvesting, calls for different types of preparation and actions. Make a mistake and the season is ruined.

We believe that 2019 is the Year of Manifested Glory for a GREAT HARVEST.

It will be a year of duality—on one side God will judge and destroy wickedness and evil. He will crush the oppressor and the spirit of affliction. On the other side, He will set captives free, for an abundance of harvest, prosperity and peace.

Like a good farmer you need to prepare to gather your crop when they are ripe or you’ll lose the harvest—the many people whose hearts are good soil, are in need of the hope, love, and glory of God, and are ready to repent and follow Jesus Christ.

Join us from January 7-27 as we prepare for this season with a 21-Day Daniel Fast. Let’s get our mind, spirit, body and soul ready to walk in the CHAYIL, all powerful, Glory of God.

It will be a Great Harvest!

Here are six more ways to prepare for your Harvest in 2019:

  1. Believe in God – When you put your faith in God all things are possible. (Mark 11:22)
  2. Know the Season – Reaping is hard work and the window to do so is limited. (1 Chron.12:12)
  3. Declare the Season – What you declare by faith will be established by God. Job 22:28
  4. Work the Season – Take the actions to reap your harvest or it will be destroyed. (James 2:26)
  5. Pray the Season – Prayer involves God for miracles to protect, provide, and prosper you. (Matt 9:38)
  6. Be secure in this Season – The Harvest has already been assigned. Be secure in your lot. (Ps 16:5)

You are being groomed to be a leader over God’s Harvest, so expect to grow more powerful throughout the year as the CHAYIL Glory is awakened and manifested in you. Walk boldly in that power and expect these amazing things:

  • Divine Order– as God exposes evil and pour out blessings on His people
  • Great Harvest – as millions of people are freed and blessed with abundance
  • Birthing and Fruitfulness – as a great move of multiplication evangelism comes to bear
  • Miracle, Signs & Wonder – as God displays His power and might through us
  • Outpouring of Revelation – as God downloads wisdom and knowledge into us
  • Sudden Turnarounds–as we receive quick answers to prayers.

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