Red Alert – World Water Levels Alarmingly Low

World Water Levels Alarmingly Low

One Renewable Source Remains Untapped

The clock is ticking on Cape Town, South Africa. The countdown is to Day Zero—when the City is expected to run out of water.

Capetonians are expecting the worst. It’s their third consecutive year of drought, and unless it rains, taps are expected to run dry in August.

From Jordan in the Middle East to California in the United States and Vancouver in Canada, it’s red alert. Water levels are alarmingly low.

Water is essential to life. It carries oxygen to our cells, regulates body temperature and rids our body of waste. Water makes up 60% of our body weight.

On March 22 each year, the world takes time to focus on the importance of clean and safe water to our existence. It’s World Water Day.

As natural water resources reach crisis levels globally, there remains a never-ending source to avert another type of drought in our lives.

Jeremiah 2:13 advises that God is the “spring of living water”.

Jesus tells us in John 4:14 that if we drink of His “living water” we’ll never thirst and it will become in us a “fountain of water springing up to eternal life”.

According to Revelations 22:1, this spring is a “pure river of water of life, clear as crystal flowing from the throne of God”. It’s available to all—anytime, anywhere. No need to drill. No need to boil.

This Living water sustains eternal life—available only through Jesus our Saviour. It empowers us to bring life and light to our world.

Join the CHAYIL global army in prayer today as we ask God to revive springs of both natural and living water in the arid places and hearts in our world.

Let’s ensure there’s no spiritual Day Zero in our lives:

  • Draw your water from the well of salvation (Isaiah 12:3).
  • Connect with God and do not forsake Him (Jeremiah 2:13).
  • Believe in Jesus so that rivers of living water flow from your heart (John 6:38).

If you thirst for more in life join a CHAYIL Power Group and let’s grow together.