A Heart of Worship

A Heart of Worship

Ensure that your worship is pleasing to God.

Is there something in life that you must have at all cost? In your spare time, what do you think about the most? How do you determine your success in life?

Your response―money, God, family, work or something else― reveals what you value most in life, who or what you serve, and by extension, your worship.

The Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines worship as “extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem.”

Therefore, worship is more about lifestyle choices than the songs we sing.

According to Romans 12:1, true and proper worship pleases God, and occurs when we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him. To do so, requires a deeply personal and intimate relationship with God.

Jesus explains that true worship is in spirit and truth (John 20:23-24). If either spirit or truth is missing, then it’s not true worship.

Worship in Spirit

This means that our outward actions to God (our spiritual outpouring and the attitude behind everything we do) reflect how we feel about Him on the inside. Our choices can take many forms: dancing, clapping, meditating, singing, financial giving, loving, joyfulness, praying etc.

Worship in Truth

The actions we offer to God must line up with His word. We know that God’s word is truth. (John 17:17)

It follows then that our worship or lack of it takes place every day with the choices we make. These choices set us free and come from deep within our souls due to the intimacy of our relationship with God. The focus is on pleasing God and no one else.

There are many examples of true worship in the Bible. To list a few:

  • An outcast woman, with Alabaster oil―a very valuable perfume ―kissed Jesus’ feet, wiped them with her hair and poured the perfume on Jesus’ feet. Jesus forgave her sins. (Luke 7:36-50).
  • Paul and Silas―beaten, chained and imprisoned—prayed and sang in the midst of their torment. God caused an earthquake and broke the chains of every prisoner. (Acts 16: 24-26)
  • Abraham, in obedience to God, chose to slay his only son as an offering. As he lifted the knife, an angel shouted, “Do not lay a hand on the boy.” God provided a ram for the sacrifice instead. (Genesis 22;10-12)
  • Jesus surrendering to the will of God is the greatest example of true worship. All the choices Jesus made on earth reflected His love of His Father and the truth of God’s word. When Satan promised Jesus all worldly possessions if He would worship him, Jesus responded: “It is written [the Word, the Truth]: You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.” (Luke 4:6-8)

Underpinning the CHAYIL Glory Movement are seven CHAYIL pillars: worship, wisdom, power, honor, favour, wealth and influence. Our focus is on growing like Jesus so God can use us to be a solution to the problems facing the world.

Will you Join the movement and let’s together spark global revival to stop global disaster?

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